What are the Different Types of Roof Tiles?

What Are the Different Types of Roof Tiles?

Would you like to discover more about the roofing tiles that are available for you? If so, please read over the following list to discover more.

  • Slate. This type of roof tile is natural stone and it has a uniquely striking appearance. Slate is a premium roof product and is highly fire-resistant and long-lasting.
  • Metal. Metal is another premium roof product and is distinguished by their light-weight and sheer longevity.
  • Concrete. Concrete roof tiles are very heavy and require a reinforced roof structure. Nonetheless, they are a great roofing material because they are resilient and fire-resistant.
  • Composite roof tiles. Synthetic roof tiles are usually made from a mixture of man-made and natural materials. These have a lot of advantages, including custom color mizes for most patterns.
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Which Tiles Are Best for Roof?

Tile roofing is an exceptional form of roofing, and is highly-regarded in the roofing industry. Metal roofing tiles are highly recommended because once they are installed, they can easily last a lifetime. Copper tiles are also known to last a long time, and in some cases will last over a century or more. Stone, ceramic, composite, bituminous, and concrete tiles all function in similar ways, with the overall difference being the composition and the weight. Your local, professional roofing company will have great information for you regarding what will work best for your household or property.

What is Better Roof Tiles or Colorbond?

If you are wondering about the difference between roof tiles or colorbond, it’s vital to consider the advantages and disadvantages. With regard to energy efficiency, tile and colorbond roofing materials provide thermal insulation for homes. Asphalt, concrete, and clay tiles will absorb heat, which is important to remember if you live in a particularly hot part of the county. Colorbond uses solar reflection technology to reflect the heat away from the household, which is an asset in many if not all circumstances.

Are Concrete Roof Tiles Any Good?

Are you wondering if concrete roof tiles are any good? With regard to durability, clay and concrete roof tiles outperform lots of different roofing materials. However, in a direct comparison between caly and concrete, clay is more durable. Clay roofing tiles can last over one hundred years, and that far outpaces concrete roofing tiles, which can have a max of fifty years. As always, you will want to refer to your local professional roofing company for specific estimates in your climate for future roofing installations.

How Many Years Does a Concrete Tile Roof Last?

Concrete roofs are exceptional and present a unique addition to the roofing material market. With regard to how long they last, please make sure to consult a professional roofing authority. According to online estimates, concrete tile roofs last anywhere from between fifty to one-hundred years. They are considered a cost-effective choice due to the fact that they exhibit such longevity.

Why Roof Tiles

Are you wondering why it would be a good idea to invest in roof tiles? If this is the case, then you should consider some of the worthy benefits. For instance, tile roofing is very popular because it is particularly weather-resistant. Both clay and concrete roofing tiles are quite durable and have the wonderful ability to withstand high-speed winds. 

When to Replace Roof Tiles

Knowing when to conclusively replace roof tiles is an important part of home ownership. If, when reviewing your roof, more than fifty percent of the tiles are broken or cracked, then it is definitely a great idea for you to invest in a full tile roof replacement. This is because trying to repair a roof with so much damage is not cost effective at all.

When to Repair Roof Tiles

Your roof tiles perform a valuable service. If one or more tiles are broken, then it is a good idea to invest in a few repairs to get your roof tiles back to their best form. It’s vital to remember that tile roofs do need maintenance from time to time despite the fact that they are quite durable and long-lasting. In addition, replacing one or two roof tiles is far less expensive in the long term when compared to a whole roof replacement down the line.

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How to Tell if Roof Tiles Need Replacing

If you are in the middle of trying to purchase a home, you should invest in a proper roof inspection. Your local, experienced roofing professionals will be able to let you know if you have roof tiles that are in need of replacing. The roof over your head is important, so please do not skip this important step.

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