Roof Storm Damage Repair in Austin, TX

A Storm Damaged Roof.

Storm Damage Experts

The thing about your roof is that it takes a beating 365 days a year. Even if the weather is perfect, it is still taking the brunt of those harmful rays from the sun. And then there are the days where the weather is noticeably inclement – massive snowfall, pounding rains, strong winds – and your roof has to withstand those, too. The bad part is that those weather conditions are not even taking into account major weather systems like hailstorms and tornadoes, which can really do heavy damage to your roof. The point is that your roof stands up to a lot of punishment. And sometimes, in the wake of one of those heavy storms, it needs a little TLC. Storms can leave your roof with light damage – things like peeled, cracked, or broken shingles – and maybe even some areas where leaking occurs. If a storm has hit your area recently and you feel like your roof may have suffered some storm damage, Texas Cool Roofing & Waterproofing is available for roof storm damage repairs in Austin, TX. Find out how we can help by calling 512-617-7335.

Knowing What Damage Looks Like

Texas Cool Roofing & Waterproofing has been serving the greater Austin, TX area for years and we plan to be around for many more. We have seen storm damaged roofs of all varieties throughout our years in the business. This makes us perfectly equipped to handle the task of roof storm damage repairs.

There are definitely times where, in the wake of a storm, the damage to your roof is pretty obvious. This can be in the forms of water spots on your ceiling or buckling, curled, and missing roof shingles. There may also be damaged or broken roof flashing, water issues around the exterior of your home, wet walls, and even winter ice damming.

But there may be other times where a storm has done damage to your roof and it is not readily apparent. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for if you are trying to spot damage to your roof in the wake of a storm.

  • Shingle condition. If you are missing shingles, that’s a pretty obvious sign, but pay attention to the buildup of granule on your shingles. This can be an early sign of damage to your roof. Hailstorms can cause dents and dings in your asphalt shingles and should definitely be noted.
  • Loose or peeling sealant. This typically will happen along penetration points on your roof.
  • Missing flashing along skylights, the edge of the roof, chimneys, and vents.
  • Water damage along the ceiling or in the attic.

If you think there is damage that you aren’t seeing, the only answer is to call in the experts at Texas Cool Roofing & Waterproofing. Our experienced technicians are trained to look for all the signs of roof damage and to implement repairs in a timely and efficient manner.

The Repair Process

There’s probably a good chance that you have never had to deal with storm damage to your roof before. If this is your maiden voyage into this area, we are here to help. Once you have contacted our team, we will first come out to get an assessment of any potential damage to your roof.

Once we have done that, we will work with you to create an estimate based on your needs and budget. We include you in much of the process, like discussing which roofing material will best suit your needs should you need a replacement after a storm. No matter what, your needs will be addressed throughout the process and you will never feel lost or out of the loop.

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Don’t let storm damage get to you in Austin, TX. Instead, call Texas Cool Roofing & Waterproofing at 512-617-7335 to schedule an appointment for roof storm damage repairs. Our experienced technicians will work diligently throughout the process to ensure that your needs are met and that your roof gets the repairs that it needs. There is no one better in the business and you will find that out once you call us.