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There may come a time as a commercial business owner where your building will need to undergo renovation. This can mean to the roofing as well. When that time comes, you need to be prepared to make the right decision as it can have a lasting effect on your commercial building. One of the methods of roofing that continues to grow in popularity is TPO roofing. TPO is a type of single ply roofing membrane that stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. This is the abbreviated way of stating the primary chemical composition of the membrane of the roofing material. You will surely have a lot of questions about this material and its method of installation. Businesses in the Austin, TX area can feel comfortable turning to Texas Cool Roofing & Waterproofing for all of their roofing needs including TPO roof repair. Find out how we can help you by calling 512-617-7335.

What is TPO?

Texas Cool Roofing & Waterproofing has been in the business for years, ensuring that we provide only the best in service and quality to each of our customers. Our technicians are highly trained and are some of the most experienced in the entire industry, including for TPO roof repair in Austin, TX.

As mentioned previously, TPO is a single ply thermoplastic membrane. It can be installed through several methods which include adhered, mechanically attached, plate bonded, and ballasted. There are also manufacturers that create TPO in a low-rise urethane foam.

Because it comes in lighter colors, it has great reflective qualities. This means that with a TPO roof, you can keep your commercial building cooler in even the hottest of summer months. When your building can more easily regulate its temperature, that lowers your energy bills substantially.

TPO provides a seamless roofing membrane. This is great for keeping out moisture, limiting the chance of a leak from occurring. Those leaks can cause major damage to other types of materials and lead to major hassles for you down the line.

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