How do insurance roof claims work?

damage to a shingle roof

Can I claim roof damage on insurance?

With spring getting closer here in Texas, homeowners should be checking their homeowner’s insurance policies to make sure they have any coverage needed for storm damage. Especially check the stipulations for roof insurance claims!  

Insurance policies can be tricky and if you aren’t careful, your roof may not be covered for all types of weather damage. Most homeowner’s insurance policy cover roof damage, but it can be dependent on the cause. For example, homeowner’s insurance usually covers hail damage or tree damage, but you need to review your policy before filing that roof insurance claim (or before spring storms arrive is better!). 

What roof damage is covered by insurance?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy will have coverage on your dwelling (house) and that will provide coverage on the structure, which includes the roof, from certain damage and perils. Perils that are covered are fire, hail damage, and wind damage.

That means if the roof is damaged by hail or tree falls on the roof due to high winds, the dwelling coverage will pay insurance roof claims for hail damage. Anything damaged inside your home from the roof damage, your claim will be filed under personal property coverage.

What about the roof on your she-shed in the backyard?  That roof insurance claim will be filed under the other structures coverage if your policy has this coverage. This is one of the things you need to check now and if you don’t have it, consider having it added. 

You also need to review your deductible before filing a roof damage claim, or any type of claim on your homeowner’s insurance. There will be coverage limits too, and if this all confusing, call your agent today and review your policy. Ask your agent if your policy has any exclusions like hail and wind roof insurance claims. 

Should I call insurance or roofer first?

Is it raining and coming through your roof? Who is going to fix your roof, the insurance company, or the roofing contractor? As the homeowner, your priority should be protecting your family, home, and property. So, if your roof is damaged during a storm, you need to make sure your family is safe, and your property is safe. This requires the experience and skills of a roofing contractor. 

After the roofing contractor has inspected the damage and entire roof, they will give you a written estimate with details of the damage and what needs to be done to make it right. Then you call your insurance company. 

In case of a roof leak, remember these steps:

  • Secure your family to safety.
  • Secure your property from further damage.
  • Call a roofing contractor.
  • Call your insurance company.

Does insurance cover ceiling collapse?      

In most cases, yes, your homeowner’s insurance will honor your claim for a collapsed ceiling. You will need to pay the deductible and there may be limits to the coverage.  These are things you can confirm reviewing your policy or calling your insurance agent.   

Before the ceiling collapsed, was there a leak in roof, insurance claim could be held up as the insurance adjuster inspects the roof.  The adjuster will determine if the ceiling collapse was due to a roof leak because of homeowner neglect.  This is why even the slightest issue with your home should be reported to your insurance carrier, even if you don’t file a claim. 

damage on roof circled

Does insurance pay for replacing old roof?

Not just because you want a new one, no.  Roof insurance claims are covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies when there has been damaged sustained by acts of nature or unexpected accidents.  If your roof is simply aging and looking worn out, or it has been neglected and a roof leak has occurred, your roof insurance claim will be denied. 

A typical homeowner’s insurance policies have a clause that stipulates the owner is responsible all routine maintenance of the home. This includes gutter cleaning and repairs, roof cleaning and repairs or replacement, replacing any broken doors or windows, etc. Why? 

Because while those things may seem minor, if they are neglected, they can lead to further damage to the structure of the home. The insurance companies need homeowners to do their part in regular maintenance and upkeep so there are less claims, including roof and siding insurance claims and more. 

So, can an insurance company require a homeowner to replace their roof? No, but they can decline to renew your policy if they note the roof needs repair or replacing. If you ignore their request to repair or replace your roof, they will decline coverage citing owner negligence. 

 As we have stated in this piece several times, review your homeowner’s insurance policy now before spring storms arrive.  Reviewing your policy two or three times a year is always a good idea and when you do file a  roof insurance claim, or a claim for anything, you won’t be surprised to get a claim denied letter in the mail instead of a roof insurance claim check you were expecting. Call 512-617-7335 today for roof insurance claim repair in Austin, TX.