What Is a Roof Restoration?

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What is a roof restoration?

If you own a commercial building in Austin, Texas, you know how brutal the weather can be on the roof. We either have the hot sun beating strong UV rays on our roofs, or we have hailstone plummeting from the sky. Sometimes, we even have ice and snow, and all of this can happen within one month!  So, roof restoration has become a popular choice for commercial building owners. 

Roof restoration is just what it says: restoring an existing roof with coating products that are highly-engineered to make an existing, old, worn roof like new. Roof restoration can be done on existing roof with EPD, MOD-Bit, PVC, TPO, and some SPF roofs.

What is involved in roof restoration?

Somewhere along the lifespan of a commercial roof, leaks will be encountered and too quickly a building owner will simply have a new roof installed. If the leaks are addressed as soon as they are discovered, roof restoration will work just as well for a lot less money. 

A new roof requires the old roof to be torn off, adding to the already over-flowing landfills. A roof restoration in the right timeframe can cost half as much and be just as  durable and watertight as a new roof and includes a warranty too. A roof restoration process can be done more than once which resets the clock for getting the  more costly roof replacement . 

A roof restoration starts with the existing roof being thoroughly cleaned. Then any obvious repairs are done like cracks and holes. The re-coating material is applied, allowed to dry 24 hours and a second coating is then installed. All of this is done with little to no interruption to the daily activity and business for the owner. 

How long does a roof restoration last?

With a commercial roofing contractor that knows how to do a roof restoration properly, and with the building owner having the routine maintenance and upkeep don, a roof restoration can add another fifteen years to a commercial roof. 

Three things you can expect from a roof restoration are: 

  • Sustainability: Each year, our landfills have millions to tons of roofing waste dumped in them. By having a roof restoration, you’re being a part of the solution because your existing roof isn’t torn off, just added to. A roof restoration makes a commercial structure roof more energy efficient as well as environmentally friendly. Your commercial building with a roof restoration could be qualified for ENERGY STAR credits. 
  • Tax Benefits: On your business and property owner taxes, a roof restoration is considered a maintenance expenditure instead of a capital expense like a new roof replacement. That means you’ll pay less taxes for maintenance with the deduction and not capitalization. A commercial roof is depreciated on a thirty-nine year schedule where roof restoration can extend that a couple of times. 
  • Catastrophic Loss Prevented: When you realize your commercial building’s roof is deteriorating, you can’t ignore it and look the other way. The longer you don’t address the problem, the more damage it is causing. A roof restoration won’t be as expensive as a new roof and will “buy” you some time to get the budget in shape for a new roof while keeping your building, employees, clients, and products safe.

Can a roof be repaired instead of replaced?

Yes, often instead of a roof restoration or roof replacement choice, can be a roof repair is all that is needed.  The roof repair is possible if there are very few minor issues with the roof, like a cracks that have not gone very deep or small holes. 

What is the cheapest way to replace a roof?

When roof repair or roof restoration are no longer viable options, roof replacement is the only way to go. However, replacing a flat roof is a sizeable investment for anyone that owns a  commercial building, but when it is needed, it isn’t something to ignore or put off for long. There are several considerations and factors when it comes to a roof replacement, each having an effect on the scenario that can ultimately make the decision. 

The type of roofing material to be removed is a huge deciding factor. A multi-layer roof will cost more to replace because of the layers that have to be removed. A single layer roof like EPDM, PVP, or TPO won’t be as  expensive to remove before the new roof is installed. 

When it comes to the replacement roofing material,  PVP and TPO roofing membranes are good for longevity, strength, and UV reflection. EPDM is a good roofing material that is the less expensive way to go, making it the popular choice. 

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How long do roof coatings last?

The performance of a roof coating used for roof restoration will depend on the condition of the existing roof, the installation of the roof restoration coating, and the maintenance afterward. With all done properly, it can extend a roof life expectancy by 10 years, maybe longer. 

The roof of your commercial structure is an investment for your investment. So when you need roof restoration and repairs, it is best to use a commercial roofing contractor that has experience in roof restoration. Ask for recent references and check those referenced as an inquiry on the service and the quality of the work. Anyone that has a commercial structure will understand why you’re following up and shouldn’t have any problem providing you feedback. Call 512-617-7335 today for your roof restoration needs in Austin, TX.