How Do You Repair Asphalt Shingles?

close up of asphalt shingles

First of all, can you patch an asphalt roof?

No matter where you go in Texas, you’ll find asphalt roofing is on more homes than any other type of roofing material. That’s true all across this country. Why? Because it is the least expensive roofing material, easy to install, and asphalt shingle repairs can be easy enough for a homeowner to do it themselves. 

In our article today, we’re going to answer some questions about asphalt shingle repair for those who haven’t tackled that task yet. A lot of homeowners prefer to search the internet for “A roofer that does asphalt roof repair near me”, and that’s okay, in fact it is the safer option. For the homeowner on a tight budget (and who isn’t these days!), then the answer to the following questions can give you the basics for asphalt shingle repair. Then you can do a YouTube search for specifics or talk to a pro at your local big box home improvement store. 

On your monthly walk-a-round the house inspection, if you notice any damage to the roof, immediate action for asphalt shingle roof repair is needed. You may think that one shingle askew, bent, or cracked isn’t that big of a deal, and it may not be, right now. 

Even the slightest issue will allow water to seep under that one shingle, then it spread and begins rotting the wood sheathing. Ignoring even the smallest issue will create a bigger problem, and quicker than you think. Here, we offer steps and tips on how to do a simple asphalt shingle repair yourself.  This can slow down any further damage so you can get ready for a professional repair or replacement: 

  • Climb up to the roof and clean out around and under the askew, bent, or cracked shingle. 
  • Apply a bead of roofing sealant where the shingle belongs and return the shingle or flatten it out. 
  • Put your weight on the shingle to press it down.
  • Apply a second bead of roofing sealant on top around the edges of the shingle or over the crack. 
  • Using a putty knife, spread the sealant around the edges of the repaired shingle. 
  • You can camouflage this asphalt shingle repair by gathering granules from the gutters and spread over that last layer of sealant. 

Can you glue a shingle back on?

Absolutely!  Just because one asphalt shingle comes off, doesn’t mean you need an entire new roof!  Keep in mind the asphalt shingles on your roof is made from fiberglass and organic materials. These two things make asphalt shingles resistant to UV and water damage, but sometimes the corners and edges of the single give in to the  sun. 

How do you repair asphalt shingles?

After a storm you notice a lifted or loose shingle, don’t ignore it. It is those small issues that immediate asphalt shingle repair can make the difference of not having a leaking roof in the near future. Fortunately, this type of asphalt shingle repair  is easy and you can do it yourself. 

LIQUID NAILS® has a roof repair adhesive that will stick to the wet surfaces of the asphalt roof, siding, or loose trim.  You can also do your own asphalt shingle repair using a bituminous roof sealant and caulk gun. Once you apply these adhesives, weight the shingle(s) down with a brick for 24 hours. 

Make sure dab a bit of the adhesive or roofing cement under the lifted shingles, and then nail it down, applying more of the  roofing cement to cover the nail head. This extra sealant will keep water from leaking around the nail. 

shingle roofing system

How do you seal a shingle roof?

Asphalt shingle get bent, crack, lifted up, and the nails come loose, setting them up for leaking. The metal flashing around the  chimney, in the valleys, and boots around the vent stack  come loose. Here are few tips on how you can fix these before the leaks start: 

Sealing Your Asphalt Roof

Asphalt shingle repair for  minor buckling or cracking can be sealed with an acrylic spray. While you’re spraying this acrylic formula over the buckled and cracked areas you see, look for other minor cracks and chips and spray the acrylic sealant over them. The acrylic formula will bond to the shingles, sealing them together to create a clear coating that provides ultraviolet radiation protection. 

Roofing Tar

Where you have shingles that are loose around the flashing, spread roofing tar with a brush. Fill any cracks and crevices or where the shingles and flashing are separated.  This is an easy asphalt shingle repair, but it is a messy task and anything the tar gets on will need to be tossed. 

Silicone Sealant

With a tube of silicone roof sealant and a caulk gun, you can fill cracks and holes or repair shingles that are bent and warped. Appy a bead of the silicone just below the bent or warped part, position back as it belongs then place a brick on top of the shingle to hold it in place. 

With the information we have provided here, you’ll see that asphalt shingle repair do it yourself isn’t as hard as you may think. Keep safety in mind with the ladder in firm position, a safety belt, goggles, gloves, and rubber sole shoes is always recommended. Call 512-617-7335 today for your asphalt shingle repair in Austin, TX.